Buying a home can be tedious at times, so we are here to ease your way into it. We have split the process into six steps for your easy understanding. We will help you go through these steps effortlessly and find a perfect home for you.

Home Buying Process

Finally, you have decided to buy a perfect home. You ask yourself, “What’s Next?”. We as your realtor are here to guide you through the steps in home buying and make that perfect home yours.

Loan Pre-Approval

The most significant step in the purchasing of a home is this. There’sno point in going forward without understanding how much you can afford. By approaching a bank or finance company, you can understand your ability. This will also make the purchase process very quick.


Buying a home where you and your family can live peacefully and comfortably is the ideal goal.To achieve this goal lot of research has to be done.Apart from finding the right home, one has to find the perfect area and the neighbourhood with affordable price. We will work with you on creating a strategy to look for the home you like.

Making an Offer

We will help you to understand the price and make an offer to the seller once you have found your dream home. If required, we will assist you in negotiating the terms of the contract with the buyer with your best interest in mind.

Home Inspection

Once the deal is approved, the buyer goes through this process. Inspection is carried out to assess the house’s current condition and determine what repairs are needed for the house. The buyer may either bargain with the seller to bear the expenses or request the concession or turn the offer down.


After you are satisfied with the house, it’s time to move forward with the transaction.Approach the Banks or the Finance companies to work in detail with the final approval of the loan.


The purchasing of your new home is finalised at this point. The loan is authorised by the lender and the buyer and the seller conclude the deal. Title Service is provided by us where the house is registered in the name of the buyer, documents are recorded and your dream home is not a dream anymore.

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