Attention landlords! Does your property is not attracting any suitable tenant? Is it getting dilapidated due to neglect? Are you looking for someone who would care for your house as you do? Don’t lose your sleep over it because we present you 5 steps to find your tenant easily.

5 steps to find an occupant

You have a property to rent/lease and you are searching for that tenant who would be fitting and not troublesome. Finding an ideal tenant needs a lot of work and a time-consuming process. We give you 5 steps to rent/lease your property soon.

Prepare the House for Showing

The better it looks, the higher the possibility of getting rented out soon. So, spend some time and money on cleaning, repairing and decorating the house. Some necessary things on the list are re-paint, dust the house, check the wiring and check the doors for any repairs. In short, the home must be cosy and the tenant must imagine themselves living there happily.

Get your paperwork in order

You will need a rental/lease agreement which lists out the terms and conditions such as total duration of the tenancy, deposit amount, rent amount, delay of payments, tenant’s duties and responsibility, landlord’s duties and responsibility. We will help you get the paperwork done in order by listing the default points and also the points which you wish to include.

Research the rent/lease rates and place your ad

The rent/lease rate for the house should be reasonable.The price is affected by factors such as neighbourhood, house condition and facilities included.Researching the approximate range of prices for your home on the internet or asking around the area is one way. Also, the potential tenant should know that your home is for rent. You need to advertise your house on the internet, tell your friends and neighbours and place a sign on the front, to advertise your home. This might be tiring and unfruitful sometimes. So, let us help you advertise your house to attract more people. We use the digital marketing tools such as portal ads, social media ads, etc.

Showing your space

People who are interested in your house might want to look around to see if they like it.Youneed to arrange a meeting and hae some time to show around before you find a person you like. This could be bothersome when you’re busy and you’ve got to drive a long way. We will help you reduce your stress by taking responsibility for a tour of the house and clearing up doubts. We won’t retire until we find the best tenant for you.

Choose your new tenant

Select a tenant of your liking from the range of offers. Layout your terms and conditions to the tenants, and if you and the tenant have a mutual understanding, you can proceed with it or reject the offer. The last step would sign the rental agreement and the money transaction. And your house is in safe hands.