Are you planning to sell your house? Then calm yourself for your property is going to sell and you will get the best market rate. You might feel stressed because your property didn’t sell so far. Worry no more because here is your bible to sell that property.

Home Selling Process

Selling a home can make you anxious, for it’s a process which takes months. The perfect ingredients to sell a house are patience, preparation, and a plan. These 7 Steps will help your property gain extra points from the buyer..


Knowing the right market price for your property is the first and foremost step in selling.Putting up a lesser price is going to affect your return on investment and putting up an unrealistic price will ward off the potential buyers. Accessing your market value can be done by researching the neighbourhood houses on sale, the current trends in the real estate market and availability of other properties similar to yours. We will help you have realistic expectations by analysing the market and setting a price keeping your best interests in mind.


The buyers must fall in love, at first sight, to proceed further. As the saying First impression is the best, the property must wow the buyers. You must stage the property to make it feel lively. Clean it before a prospective buyer visits the place and do affordable decorations.


No one can sell anything without marketing it. Therefore, you need to put your property on sale in the market to reach a wider audience. We will help you market through digital marketing. As the saying “Fish where the fishes are”, people use media as their search tool so we will use it as a medium to reach people. The marketing materials such as flyers, posters, banners, social media ads will be implemented by us.


When your property is up for sale the prospective buyers will want to visit your property before buying it. Multiple buyers may be interested in visiting the site which may hinder your daily schedule. Worry not because we are here to discipline the process. We will arrange for the site visits, show around and clarify any possible doubts of the buyer.

Receiving an offer

This step is where you reap the rewards for all the hard work done.Buyer/s have made their offers. You’re just one step away from selling your home. We will help you to review all the offers made, if needed negotiate the terms keeping your best interests in mind. Also, we will help you make a legal contract once you and the buyer have settled on an offer.


Once the buyer and seller have reached an agreement, the buyer will inspect to check theconditions of the property or any possible repairs. The buyer can negotiate with the seller to either cover the costs, adjust the price or turn down the deal.


Closing is the final step in selling the property. Once the buyer and seller have come to an agreement we will help you carry out legal and transaction paperwork for property transfer. We also provide title services, so we will ensure that the title of the property is tranferred from you to the buyer. The documents are filed and you can cross out selling the house from your worry list.

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